ParkIO - Condominium vehicle control

  • Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, MySQL, PHP, Laravel and Blade.
  • Github URL: Project Link

The Condominium of the Housing Complex Santa Terezinha has about 918 apartments, however there are only 2 entrances and approximately 800 spaces that are of access to the residents and visitors of the condominium. Considering the above facts, there is an obstacle to controlling the flow of vehicles in an agile and safe way.

At all times, vehicles enter and leave the condominium, and the control of how long visiting vehicles stay inside the condominium is difficult to be done. Currently, there are rounds-guys that help in this process, however, management is hampered due to the high flow.

ParkIO is a web application, developed with the aim of allowing the entrances of the Condominium of the Santa Terezinha Housing Complex to control the entry and exit of visiting vehicles. Thus, through this application, the condominium administration will be able to verify which vehicles are inside the condominium the longest, occupying the few spaces that the community parking offers.

With this application it will be possible to carry out a broader management of the condominium. The administrators will be able to view the list of vehicles, in this way, enabling a precise action on a given problem, the same applies to other users, who using the system correctly, will offer condominium residents a safer, more controlled and agile environment.

Members: Guilherme Gabriel, Henrique Monteiro, Lucas Ângelo and Victor Boaventura and Vinícius Marini.

More information available on GitHub.